A different briam

By pinalaki, 01.04.11

A different briam (Greek mixed vegetables) with a yogurt sauce that you will love!

A different spanakorizo

By tsoyrekaki, 10.02.11

Children don't usually eat spanakorizo (spinach with rice) but it is different in the oven and more tasty. Try it.

A special vasilopita


A recipe for the traditional Greek New Year's cake!

Agrelia (wild asparagus) with eggs

By Τράγα, 06.03.10

In Cyprus, we call the wild asparagus, agrelia! An amazing meze! The hard part of the recipe is foraging for them!!

Alternative amaranth greens

By Vai, 02.06.10

This is the "lathero" (cooked with oil and tomato sauce, vegetarian) dish of summer!!! At that time of the year you can easily find fresh amaranth greens and this is a recipe so that you don't limit yourself to only making salads with them but also use them to make a main dish!! From Sitia, Crete, with love!!!

Amaranthus blitum salad

By july88, 29.05.12

Amaranthus blitum is an annual plant with green leaves that in Greece is consumed boiled. Just think of a hot summer noon, with an amaranth greens salad, french fries, feta cheese and beer. What can be better than that?

Amazing Armenoville ice cream

By ellidiam, 09.04.12

This is a variation of the recipe by Argiro for Armenoville ice cream. Armenoville is a kind of Greek version of semifreddo very popular in the North of Greece and especially in Thessaloniki. A very easy and delicious ice cream!! 

Amazing cheese pie

By mourlia, 10.06.08

This is an easy and delicious cheese pie that everyone will just love!

Amazing lemonade by Anna Maria Barouh

By pinalaki, 25.05.12

This is the most delicious lemonade I have ever tasted!!

Amazing loukoumades

By Phoebe, 02.12.13

Loukoumades (traditional Greek honey dumplings) that you can have hot with fragrant honey, cinnamon and walnuts! 

Amazing profiterole with tsoureki

By KATERINAL, 04.12.11

The variation of this dessert that has tsouraki as the base is perfect and a much faster process than making choux which require a lot of time. Serve it when you have guests and and they will be thoroughly impressed. Of course, I don't recommend it for people who are on a diet!


By glikoula, 18.03.12

Amigdalota are no bake almond cookies.

Amigdalota from Mytilene

By ταξιαρχουλα, 09.11.08

Amigdalota are no bake almond cookies. We make this sweet here in Mytilene, for engagements. The bride takes them to the bridegroom and they offer them to the people so that the news spread. 

Apple - cinnamon tea with apple juice

By Ναυσικά, 24.10.08

A good friend of mine used to make this during the cold winter nights to keep me company while studying hard. It is enjoyed also by those who don't prefer tea and chamomile because it has a different taste.

Apple compote

By Sitronella, 09.11.05

Light, quick and refreshing.

Apple jam

By Sitronella, 01.10.06

An amazingly tasty jam, without great difficulty since apples contain a lot of pectin.

Apple liqueur

By Phoebe, 21.10.09

A special liqueur for special evenings! 

Apricot compote

By mitsaki, 26.05.09

So that you can make this much loved apricot compote on your own.

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