A different briam

By pinalaki, 01.04.11

A different briam (Greek mixed vegetables) with a yogurt sauce that you will love!

A different spanakorizo

By tsoyrekaki, 10.02.11

Children don't usually eat spanakorizo (spinach with rice) but it is different in the oven and more tasty. Try it.

Agrelia (wild asparagus) with eggs

By Τράγα, 06.03.10

In Cyprus, we call the wild asparagus, agrelia! An amazing meze! The hard part of the recipe is foraging for them!!

Alternative amaranth greens

By Vai, 02.06.10

This is the "lathero" (cooked with oil and tomato sauce, vegetarian) dish of summer!!! At that time of the year you can easily find fresh amaranth greens and this is a recipe so that you don't limit yourself to only making salads with them but also use them to make a main dish!! From Sitia, Crete, with love!!!

Amaranthus blitum salad

By july88, 29.05.12

Amaranthus blitum is an annual plant with green leaves that in Greece is consumed boiled. Just think of a hot summer noon, with an amaranth greens salad, french fries, feta cheese and beer. What can be better than that?

Amazing pie with ground meat and fresh mushrooms

By FEDRA, 27.09.09

A dreamy and delicious pie that is really worth the time you devote to it!! A truly amazing filling!

Amazing pork tigania with multi-colored peppers

By ΣΙΛΒΥ, 26.05.12

This recipe for pork tigania (pan-fried pork) results in a dish with very tender meat and a unique sauce!

I dedicate this recipe to my beloved Christina and Dimitra!!!

Artichokes "à la polita"


Artichokes (aginares) à la polita is a dish that comes from the Greeks living in Constantinople (Istanbul) that was called "Poli", the City.

Artichokes with peas


A delicious oil-based dish!

Arugula salad with pomegranate and spinach

By kyriaki, 19.02.06

A very refreshing salad that everyone will just love!

Arugula with caramelised figs in a parmesan nest

By nikolios, 07.11.08

This is a gourmet salad that will impress you with its particular flavor and presentation....

Asparagus patties

By TALILOMAMA, 29.03.09

A delicious appetizer with a vegetable that is not widely known, the asparagus.

Asparagus with potatoes in the oven (simple)

By dimidana, 28.03.12

This is a recipe that perfectly brings out perfectly the powerful taste of wild asparagus... I haven't tried it with white asparagus so I don't really know if it would be equally successful.

Aubergine pie by Niki

By dcroula, 27.09.09

A pie with a special taste, it surprises even those who are no fans of aubergines. 

Aubergine spread

By Aether, 05.05.09

It is the perfect recipe, not only because it is traditional but it is also suitable for the Great Lent fast.  Suitable for those who watch their calories, and it also lowers blood pressure!

Aubergines skordostoumpi with potatoes à la Zante

By Πάνος-Ζακ, 17.06.10

Aubergines skordostoumpi (with garlic and vinegar) is a specialty of Zakynthos! A tasty dish from Zakynthos by my grandmother. 

Baked eggplant

By cesilia, 03.11.08

The classic grilled eggplant, which brings back memories from my childhood years. Indispensable addition to any barbecue.

Baked orange pumpkin

By evdoba, 03.10.08

A healthy winter dinner dessert with a special taste. I learned this recipe from my father who comes from Pontus. 

Baked pleurotus mushrooms

By sosofi, 21.09.08

Quick, easy and inexpensive recipe, with oyster mushrooms. Always successful!

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