Baked liver

By spiridou, 24.09.09

A light recipe for liver that eliminates most of its odour.

Beef fricassee

By Gatita, 27.02.08

With plenty of sauce so as to dip a lot of bread in it.

Beef in tomato sauce from Smyrna

By Βασιλεία, 18.02.11

We are all familiar with this dish, the staple of our young years... But there are always some secrets for a very special beef, especially for people who love it!!!

Beef soup

By feggaraki, 28.09.09

A very tasty soup for wintertime and not only.

Beef stifado

By λωξαντρα, 25.09.08

This is the classic recipe for stifado (Greek stew with onions), that is very tasty. I've made it twice using these ingredients and it was not lacking in anything.

Beef with caper

By fifoulina, 15.02.12

A tasty variatιon of the classic beef in red sauce that is suitable for the daily menu as well as for a formal dinner.

Beef with chickpeas

By αντζουγια, 24.02.10

You will never believe how much beef and chickpeas go great together!! And with such simple ingredients!

Beef with green beans

By christmast, 28.10.12

A traditional festive recipe from Ioanina that is a "family heirloom" from the great-grandmother to the great-granddaugher (me).

Beef with lemon sauce

By dimzoozoo, 29.07.08

Easy, quick and extremely delicious.

Beef with orzo in the pot

By natasoulini, 11.10.09

This is my favorite dish! It is like Giouvetsi, but all done in one pot.

Beef with sun-dried tomatoes and red wine

By Lixoudis, 22.12.08

It goes great with mashed potatoes and fresh bread for the sauce!

Beef with tomato sauce yiaourtlou

By linmak88, 07.07.09

This is a recipe that whoever makes it will understand what full taste means! 

Beef with vegetables in a clay pot

By ANGOLINA, 16.06.09

A feast of colors and taste. 

Beef with zucchini and potatoes

By Sitronella, 25.01.06

Even if you don't like zucchini much (like me) you will love them in this dish. 

Burgers for the barbecue

By zafiris, 31.08.13

I have this recipe from a lady that has a canteen where they make these tasty burgers.

Burgers stifado

By linaki_gr, 09.10.16

This is a recipe from my mother in law who is from Macedonia. We, from Epirus, didn't even know this tasty dish for burgers stifado (Greek traditional stew with baby shallot onions) existed!!

Burgers with carrot and kefalotyri

By christmast, 08.03.13

Tasty, fragrant burgers.

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