A flavoursome, traditional, chicken soup

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Alternative magiritsa

By bebe, 09.06.08

Tasty and without any offending smells. 

Avgolemono from Zakynthos

By Vyzance, 15.12.08

An avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce) soup from Zakynthos. We have it all winter round and especially at Christmas. It looks more like a thick risotto.

Bean soup from Pelion

By ΒΑΡΒΙ, 15.01.09

This is what we call bean soup!!!

Bean soup in a clay cooking pot

By feggaraki, 30.06.09

Even though bean soup is not my favourite dish, I have to admit that this is extremely delicious. I have tried it in a village near Serres. 

Bean soup with oregano

By giotak1, 26.01.10

A 'blond', tomato-less soup, flavoured with herbs.

Beef soup

By feggaraki, 28.09.09

A very tasty soup for wintertime and not only.

Bourani of Clean Monday

By thomaei, 16.02.12

Bourani is the food of the poor as they say where I come from! It is a thick soup that they eat all year round at Tyrnavos. Especially on Clean Monday, during the Bourani custom, it is men who cook it and the people who take part in the carnival enjoy it at the Phallus festival. I know it since I grew up in a village close to Tyrnavos. In...

Carrot soup express

By miss_blackforest, 17.03.12

An easy, cheap and quick soup.

Chicken soup

By MARA!, 15.01.07

Chicken soup with trahana and avgolemono

By moustarditsa, 13.11.14

A different idea for the cold winter nights, very fulfilling when you have a cold. 

Chickpea stew from Sifnos, in a casserole pot

By smoketses, 13.12.11

Traditional, simple to make and very tasty recipe. You can serve it with a Greek salad and plenty of feta cheese.

Chickpeas in flour and lemon sauce

By mitsaki, 16.01.09

Chickpea white soup with lemon...

Chickpeas velouté

By pinalaki, 03.04.12

For those who like chickpeas!! A simple velouté soup with chickpeas, leek and potatoes. A small variation that you will love!!! 

Country style fasolada

By tasa.x, 30.01.13

You don't have to soak the beans overnight for this fasolada (bean soup). So that makes it a very quick recipe to make.

Delicious soup


Extremely tasty and unbelievably simple! 

Easy tomato velouté soup

By Lilly11, 13.11.11

This is a recipe by Argiro Barbarigou with slight variations. I didn't have all the ingredients and I added different ones in place of those I was missing. It is a quite quick and easy recipe. It doesn't need a lot of preparation time and chopping, since everything is blended in the end.

Fish soup

By Sitronella, 14.12.07

A fish soup with vegetables and rice. Of course, you can make any variation you like. 

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