Sauces and marinades

Avgolemono from Evdokia

By πατσιλινάκου, 22.04.08

Avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce that is always a success and doesn't curdle!! It makes creamy soups and sauces!

Avgolemono with tomato paste

By girthania, 10.03.10

This is not a recipe but it is worth trying making avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce) like this at least once!!

Batter for fish by Akis Peretzikis

By manoyla, 15.03.13

This is very easy to make and it is ideal for frying fish, especially cod.

Batter for frying

By Sitronella, 04.07.06

Kourkouti, as is known in Greece, is a batter for frying used in many Greek traditional recipes and can be used for fish or vegetables!

Béchamel sauce

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Many people consider that making béchamel sauce is a difficult and troublesome affair. But it's not. All you need is a whisk with which you will constantly stir your sauce.

Béchamel sauce 2


This is enough for an oval pyrex dish.

Béchamel sauce for pastitsio

By popaki, 14.01.08

A béchamel sauce that doesn't get lumps.

Brine to store feta cheese

By natasoulini, 25.11.10

This is the brine that you can store the feta cheese in so it can keep for months in the fridge! My father found this recipe so I can store the kilos of feta cheese that I carry to Cyprus. This way I don't miss the cheese from my village in Greece!!!

Corfu's spetsieriko (spice mix) for pastitsada

By rihardos, 13.10.13

If you want to make a perfect Corfiot pastitsada, either with beef or with a free range rooster, you will most definitely need spetsieriko. Follow the ratios to the letter and begin.

Creamy avgolemono


This is a variation of the simple avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce) that we are familiar with.

Creamy avgolemono sauce

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Avgolemono is a traditional egg and lemon sauce that is used in many Greek soups and dishes. 

Delicious tomato sauce for pasta

By aretouli, 03.10.11

A recipe that was the result of an inspiration!

Easy tomato sauce

By Evid217, 03.03.11

An amazing pasta sauce, a recipe of my father, which we absolutely love. If there is any left over you can add it to any dish that you use with tomato sauce. It is also goes amazingly with fried eggplants.

Feta cheese sauce

By Arience, 26.03.08

This is a great sauce to garnish vegetables and not only...

Homemade tomato sauce

By Sitronella, 25.09.06

This is how you can have tomato sauce during the whole of winter.

Marinade for meat

By τσιγαρο, 03.02.07

It adds an amazing taste to meat (for frying or grilling and cooking in the oven).

My mom's tomato sauce

By leni lena, 02.07.11

This tomato sauce is great for pasta, it makes a wonderful dish.

Oil flavored with lemon

By ggr, 26.04.09

A very tasty oil with a special, fresh flavor that only requires 15 minutes to prepare and 2 weeks of patience in order to bring the scent of spring to your table.

Olive oil with five flavors

By karavour, 12.10.10

Add flavor to your dishes and salads with infused olive oil.

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