Alternative amaranth greens

By Vai, 02.06.10

This is the "lathero" (cooked with oil and tomato sauce, vegetarian) dish of summer!!! At that time of the year you can easily find fresh amaranth greens and this is a recipe so that you don't limit yourself to only making salads with them but also use them to make a main dish!! From Sitia, Crete, with love!!!

Amaranthus blitum salad

By july88, 29.05.12

Amaranthus blitum is an annual plant with green leaves that in Greece is consumed boiled. Just think of a hot summer noon, with an amaranth greens salad, french fries, feta cheese and beer. What can be better than that?

Arugula salad with pomegranate and spinach

By kyriaki, 19.02.06

A very refreshing salad that everyone will just love!

Arugula with caramelised figs in a parmesan nest

By nikolios, 07.11.08

This is a gourmet salad that will impress you with its particular flavor and presentation....

Baked zucchini

By 103, 17.09.09

A simple way to make an extremely delicious salad. It has very little oil so it is excellent for low calory diets not to mention that it is very very tasty! Every time I have made this dish, they zucchini just vanished in no time! Since I first made it, I effectively stopped making boiled zucchini.

Beans Piazi

By ΒΑΡΒΙ, 11.02.09

A salad that is always served on Clean Monday.

Beetroot salad

By yiota, 19.12.06

Beetroot salad classic recipe

By στελλακοστας, 17.02.15

Beetroot salad with garlic. 

Black-eyed peas salad

By marykyr, 25.10.09

Easy and refreshing salad for a side dish or a meze for ouzo!

Boiled greens salad

By MARA!, 22.01.09

The best for a healthy diet!!

Cauliflower and broccoli with feta cheese sauce

By evita_v, 19.02.10

An appetizer or even a salad for the those who love feta cheese and cauliflower! A perfect flavor that also looks great and is ideal for a festive dinner!

Christmas Salad like a pudding

By juligram, 19.12.09

A delicious cold salad served as a pudding or cake, with potatoes, carrots, beetroots, eggs and mayonnaise. Ideal for the Christmas menu!!!

Country pasta salad

By eugene, 15.06.11

An easy salad with pasta for when you don't have enough time to cook a sauce but you don't really want to have pasta with ketchup...

Cretan Dakos

By ellenna, 09.06.07

An appetizer that practically everyone likes.

Egg salad with mustard and mayonnaise

By ΚΟΥΛΙΑΚΑΣ, 30.04.13

This is an easy and tasty recipe that you can also make after Easter to use the leftover eggs.

Extremely easy salad with spinach, beetroot and feta cheese

By elinaDxxx, 25.03.14

This is my favorite salad! They make it in many Greek restaurants in Australia and it runs out in no time! Try it first without any variations!!!

Fitness salad

By sonjaS, 01.02.09

Quick, easy, healthy!

Great lentils salad

By ritahlias, 15.02.12

Light, even for diets. Even those who don't like lentils will find it tasty.

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