A different spanakorizo

By tsoyrekaki, 10.02.11

Children don't usually eat spanakorizo (spinach with rice) but it is different in the oven and more tasty. Try it.

Avgolemono from Zakynthos

By Vyzance, 15.12.08

An avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce) soup from Zakynthos. We have it all winter round and especially at Christmas. It looks more like a thick risotto.

Babou (maties)

By AnthiPap, 28.11.08

Babou or maties, a distinctly Thracian dish!! 

Cabbage in brine with chicken in the oven

By ΜΠΙΣΚΟΤΙΤΣΑ, 25.08.09

The (mainly) winter and especially Sunday dish of Northern Evros. So tasty, that you can't even imagine!!

Cabbage with rice (lahanorizo) 2

By mama, 04.03.08

A favourite dish... 

Cabbage with rice (lahanorizo) by my mother

By Pireotissa, 16.02.10

A cabbage with rice dish that is like... honey! Make it and surely its simplicity and its sweet and sour taste will thrill you! 

Carrot soup express

By miss_blackforest, 17.03.12

An easy, cheap and quick soup.

Chicken soup

By MARA!, 15.01.07

Cod in the oven with rice and herbs!

By Ναυσικά, 06.12.08

Another way to cook cod! 

Dolmadakia with ground meat in egg and lemon sauce

By smoketses, 20.12.11

Dolmadakia (small dolmades, Greek stuffed grape leaves), one of the most delicious dishes, especially in winter. I could eat this 2-3 times a week but they are a bit cumbersome to make. 

Dolmadakia with lettuce

By κριστινα-κι, 27.01.11

Delicious dolmadakia (Greek stuffed leaves) with lettuce. Easy and tasty! 

Easy and tasty rizogalo!!

By A la Marion, 24.07.07

The rizogalo (Greek rice pudding) that everybody enjoys!! 

Eggplant rice by Lina

By linmak88, 05.07.09

This is a well-tried delicious recipe that is a great solution when you are looking for something to cook for your daily menu.

Extremely delicious rizogalo

By Μαργαρίτα 4, 27.11.09

The rizogalo (Greek rice pudding) that young and old just love.

Fylla (grape leaves)

By yummyyy, 10.09.08

My mother-in-law's recipe for the most perfect dolma with minced meat that I have ever tasted!!! It is a variation of the traditional dish "fylla" that they make in Kalymnos.

Gamopilafo (wedding pilaf)

By popaki, 17.01.08

This is a recipe by my mother-in-law. It is perfect. And we don't wait for weddings to make it.

Gemista à la mama

By mama, 18.07.08

This is a recipe for gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers) that I learned from my grandmother...

Giouvarlakia (rice meatballs)

By τσιγαρο, 31.12.06

Easy, delicious, a treasure of the Greek cuisine.

Giouvarlakia (without eggs)

By mele, 26.01.10

Giouvarlakia (rice meatballs) by my grandmother, without any eggs or egg and lemon sauce. They are extremely tasty and easy!

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