A flavoursome, traditional, chicken soup

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Alternative magiritsa

By bebe, 09.06.08

Tasty and without any offending smells. 

Amazing spicy chicken wings

By xaroula, 28.04.10

A meze that is fast to make and goes great with lots of beer!!

Avgolemono from Zakynthos

By Vyzance, 15.12.08

An avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce) soup from Zakynthos. We have it all winter round and especially at Christmas. It looks more like a thick risotto.

Cabbage in brine with chicken in the oven

By ΜΠΙΣΚΟΤΙΤΣΑ, 25.08.09

The (mainly) winter and especially Sunday dish of Northern Evros. So tasty, that you can't even imagine!!

Chicken fricassee with lettuce

By tzoulitsa, 11.10.11

A lighter version of fricassee, since it is made with chicken, but equally delicious.

Chicken in the Dutch oven by Lagos

By Ginger, 27.07.13

An extermely delicious and flavorsome chicken that allows a lot of variations. This recipe was featured by chef Andreas Lagos in Eleni Psyhouli's show, "Σεφ στον αέρα".

Chicken in the Dutch oven with fragrant potatoes

By Elefteria, 24.07.08

The most delicious, juicy chicken and the most tasty potatoes that you have ever tasted... not counting the fact that you can use the vegetables as garnish.

Chicken in wine with eggplants in the oven

By xaroula, 21.09.10

A very tasty dish for the whole family!

Chicken legs with boiled vegetables and fresh arugula

By FILIPPIA, 25.01.15

Boiled chicken legs with various vegetables and herbs in the pot with fresh arugula salad, a relatively light recipe, suitable for a healthy diet.

Chicken soup

By MARA!, 15.01.07

Chicken soup with trahana and avgolemono

By moustarditsa, 13.11.14

A different idea for the cold winter nights, very fulfilling when you have a cold. 

Chicken souvlaki

By natasoulini, 11.10.09

Looking for a recipe for tender and tasty souvlaki? Well, this is it!!! 

Chicken Tserepa

By ggr, 07.04.10

The recipe that follows describes a traditional way of cooking chicken (mainly, but other kinds of meat as well, such as rabbit for example) in Ithaca. And to counter the reaction of their near neighbours, yes, the same technique is used in Kefalonia as well, but tserepa is a traditional dish of Ithaca. This is a uinique dish, that is wo...

Chicken with feta cheese

By MIKAELLA, 13.02.09

An easy and quick dish!!

Chicken with hilopites in the oven

By elenikolas, 28.11.09

Hilopites is a Greek traditional dried pasta, that is very popular throughout Greece and can be used in a great variety of dishes.

Chicken with lemony hilopites

By Rosie, 28.07.11

Substitute the traditional version with tomato for lemon and you have an extremely tasty dish!! Hilopites is a traditional Greek egg pasta.

Chicken with oil and oregano

By ΑΛΕΞ, 10.11.08

Very few ingredients, insanely tasty.


Chicken with okra

By MARA!, 02.12.08

Chicken with okra in the oven.

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