Amazing pork tigania with multi-colored peppers

By ΣΙΛΒΥ, 26.05.12

This recipe for pork tigania (pan-fried pork) results in a dish with very tender meat and a unique sauce!

I dedicate this recipe to my beloved Christina and Dimitra!!!

Babou (maties)

By AnthiPap, 28.11.08

Babou or maties, a distinctly Thracian dish!! 

Baked liver

By spiridou, 24.09.09

A light recipe for liver that eliminates most of its odour.

Baked pleurotus mushrooms

By sosofi, 21.09.08

Quick, easy and inexpensive recipe, with oyster mushrooms. Always successful!

Bekri meze

By τσιγαρο, 25.11.07

Bekri meze (the drunkard's appetizer as it would translate into English) is a type of appetizer that accompanies ouzo or wine, very easy to make and quite tasty! Traditionally it is made using pork but you can also use chicken if you like.

Burgers for the barbecue

By zafiris, 31.08.13

I have this recipe from a lady that has a canteen where they make these tasty burgers.

Cabbage with pork

By christina.f, 06.02.08

Winter dish from Western Macedonia.

Chickpeas with country sausage

By Σίντυ30, 19.02.09

Amazing taste and flavor!! We just love chickpeas cooked like that. Make the recipe and you will remember me...

Christmas roast suckling pig

By ΒΑΡΒΙ, 18.12.08

Impressive, delicious and with a crispy skin.

Country sausages with citrus fruits

By christmast, 22.12.12

An easy solution to make an ideal meze for tsipouro.

Delicious pork in a casserole dish

By AN MARI, 18.12.09

An ideal dish for a large festive meal for the holidays that goes great with anything you want to accompany it with (potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, mashed potatoes, etc.)!

Drunken pork with prunes

By elenavan, 28.11.08

Very tasty and easy. Favourite winter dish!


By dimitra3, 30.07.09

Fourtalia (traditional omelette) is a recipe from Andros, extremely easy to make, given to us by a friend during our vacation.

Gigantes with sausage and leeks

By jennyd, 17.04.10

Gigantes (giant beans), an amazing dish!!! This is a way for those like me, who don't really like pulses. This is a recipe that I once saw in a tv show and since then, I've been making it all the time...


By καραμέλα, 05.08.08

A casserole dish of three different kinds of meat with tomato, pepper and cheese.

Granny’s cabbage with pork meat

By tasa.x, 22.01.13

A winter dish, as it was prepared by my grandmother.

Greek Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Lahanodolmades)

By golfo, 22.10.09

A simple traditional dish

Gyros from ground meat

By Τράγα, 30.09.07

Extremely easy and unbelievably tasty.

Karvavitsa from Thrace

By mary_omikron, 20.11.11

Karvavitsa is the traditional dish that the people of Thrace prepare on Christmas day. At Koufalia (my husband's birthplace, where 90% of the inhabitants are refugees from Kavakli in Eastern Romylia) you won't find even one house that doesn't make karvavitsa for Christmas. It is pig's intestines filled with pig pluck and pork meat.

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