Amazing cheese pie

By mourlia, 10.06.08

This is an easy and delicious cheese pie that everyone will just love!

Amazing pie with ground meat and fresh mushrooms

By FEDRA, 27.09.09

A dreamy and delicious pie that is really worth the time you devote to it!! A truly amazing filling!

Aubergine pie by Niki

By dcroula, 27.09.09

A pie with a special taste, it surprises even those who are no fans of aubergines. 

Aunt's secret cheese pie recipe

By Xrisa Lixoudo, 25.06.09

You mix all the ingredients together, except the breadcrumbs for this recipe.

Batsaria from Ioannina

By Kimwlos, 12.01.13

Ioannina and Epirus in general, are renown for their pies. The area is poor and the materials scarce, so to feed the family, women used whatever the land and nature had to offer. Batsaria is a pie that is made with cornmeal, various wild greens, flour and milk... but let's see it in detail!

Batsina by Rena

By Indiannoula, 07.11.08

Batsina (traditional pie made with zucchini or squash), a tasty and healthy pie, equally loved by young and old. If you have any yellow squash, you should try it.... 

Blanopita or the lazies' pie

By roulaan, 17.03.08

Fast and easy spinach pie for those who are too lazy or don't know how to roll out filo pastry.

Bougatsa from paradise

By Aleksandra, 14.05.09

Today, I made a recipe for bougatsa (Greek breakfast pastry with either sweet or savoury filling) from realfood, mostly because it described it as being very easy to make -not that it wasn't- but more than that, it tasted heavenly.

Boureki without filo from Chania

By ΛαδοΜπούκι, 11.09.08

A zucchini and potato pie, but without filo.

Braids with feta cheese, olives and peppers

By Cathrina, 31.01.09

A tasty and easy recipe for parties and buffets.

Cheese pie roll

By Κατερίνα71, 26.10.08

Quick and easy cheesepie for unexpected visitors.


Cheese pie with yogurt

By Gogo_Lacta, 17.10.10

A very tasty soft cheese pie.

Cheese pie without filo

By domenica77, 05.11.08

A perfect cheesepie that you can also serve cold, without the strong taste of cheese. You can serve it when you have guests over for dinner, even choosy people like it.

Cheese pie without filo from Epirus


Quick to make and tasty, to be used as an appetizer for every occasion. 

Country style spanakopita

By Κατερίνα71, 03.11.08

Spanakopita (spinach pie) the way my mother makes it with filo pastry that she rolls out on the spot.

Crescent ring pie

By vasiliki ver, 04.07.12

Quick, easy and extremely delicious meat pie, with leftover meat or chicken, or meatballs in tomato sauce!!!

Delicious hortopita

By zanice, 22.03.09

Hortopita (wild greens pie) by Zanice, easy and extremely delicious!!!! 

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