Beloved shrimp pasta

By foithtria, 01.07.10

An easy and quick recipe for shrimp pasta. Summery and extremely delicious!

Chicken with lemony hilopites

By Rosie, 28.07.11

Substitute the traditional version with tomato for lemon and you have an extremely tasty dish!! Hilopites is a traditional Greek egg pasta.

Drunken shrimp pasta

By bitter5, 07.10.09

An ubelievably tasty shrimp pasta, garidomakaronada as is known in Greece!!

Efi's shrimp pasta

By efh_dimitris, 25.11.09

A relatively easy and tasty garidomararonada (as it is called in Greece) that you can make without using any oil in case you are fasting.

Giouvetsi with burgers in the Dutch oven

By christmast, 28.07.13

A different way to have your burgers and keep them juicy. A good suggestion for a Sunday meal.

Giouvetsi with ground meat

By ΧΩΡΙΑΤΙΣΣΑ, 21.02.10

A slightly different giouvetsi but extremely delicious.

Gkogkes from Lakonia

By MILOS-ROY, 15.02.11

Traditional handmade pasta made in Lakonia. Extremely delicious! 


By ΝΙΚΟΛ, 24.09.08

Homemade local pasta of South Euboea. 

Hilopites from Pelion

By Στεργιοπούλο, 21.06.09

Hilopites (traditional Greek egg pasta) with feta cheese. 

Kalamarakia giouvetsi

By Rabit, 26.11.10

Kalamarakia (Calamari) that are a dream!

Linguine with vegetables and tahini

By nicole81, 08.04.11

A different kind of pasta, ideal for Lent!

Makaronopita the easy

By ΣΕΦΙΤΣΑ, 04.11.08

This recipe for pasta pie is literally so quick and easy that even a young child can make it...

Mediterranean penne with eggplant, feta cheese and tomato

By anastasia_thess, 23.10.09

An extremely delicious, fast and easy dish that smells of the Mediterranean!

Mom's chicken giouvetsi

By marytsilo, 10.04.13

A healthier giouvetsi that is extremely delicious!!!

Multicolored giouvetsi

By nantoula, 28.02.10

This is a different giouvetsi, ideal for those who are not very keen on vegetables. My daughter loves this recipe and I hope your children will too.

My grandmother's homemade hilopites

By pinalaki, 05.06.11

Homemade hilopites made by you! Favorite recipe, by my grandmother! 

Orzo risotto

By Λαμπρινή, 11.10.08

Easy, delicious and quick recipe, the process is the same as making a pilaf but in the tempo of a risotto.

Orzo with mushrooms

By machi, 20.05.10

Quick and easy!

Pasta sauce with beetroot

By vasiliki ver, 11.04.12

Blended carrots and beetroot make a tasty and very enjoyable sauce for pasta!

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