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Boiled chestnuts

By vasiliki ver, 19.11.12

Everybody loves chestnuts, boiled or roasted!!

Drying spearmint

By pinalaki, 05.06.11

When you have plenty of spearmint in the garden, it would be a good idea to dry some to use in the winter! 

Easter eggs boiled in the dye

By αννα β, 03.04.10

As a long-time housewife I learned to dye eggs in boiling dye that first had to have the foam skimmed off and then the eggs rubbed with a cloth dipped in oil. The disadvantage of that method is that quite a few of the eggs used to break no matter how carefully (the eggs being tepid) one went through the process. The advantage was that the...

Easter eggs naturally dyed

By bouka_tsoukaliou, 30.03.10

Easter eggs with completely natural dyes!!

Easter eggs with cold dye

By skantalakh, 29.04.10

I can't imagine Easter without the bright red Easter eggs. According to tradition in Crete, my homeland, when Christ was resurrected and the whole world found out, the chicken found out as well and overjoyed, laid a red egg! This is what my grandmother used to say.

Easter red eggs

By Ζουζουνελ, 19.03.10

Eggs for Easter dyed with natural dyes.

Egg dyeing using pantyhose

By Elefteria, 04.04.08

You can make various patterns on your eggs using pantyhose. You will need various leaves and vegetables.

Fragrant garlic cloves

By ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΩ, 23.01.10

This is a nice way to bring flavor to your food and extra taste to your salads. With this recipe you will have fragrant olive oil any time you need it.

Fresh basil throughout the winter

By mitsaki, 15.11.08

How to have fresh basil throughout the winter!

Fresh herbs cubes

By Phoebe, 26.08.12

An easy and practical way to have fresh herbs any time at your disposal! You can store them in the freezer even for 4 months!

Garlic paste

By ANGOLINA, 27.09.13

This paste is mild in flavor and taste and a tsp is enough to add a special flavor to your dishes. 

Garlic puree

By mama, 03.10.07

A garlic puree that will keep in the fridge until you need it...

How to clean anchovies or sardines

By mamaka, 27.05.09

Cleaning anchovies or sardines is practically no trouble at all. This is a very easy and fast way.

How to clean artichokes

By Sitronella, 24.04.06

You require artichokes, a sharp knife, a bowl with water and a little lemon as well as some lemons to rub them with while cleaning and preparing them. 

How to make homemade vinegar

By Ermioni, 13.04.10

An easy way to make homemade vinegar.

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