Ground meat

Amazing pie with ground meat and fresh mushrooms

By FEDRA, 27.09.09

A dreamy and delicious pie that is really worth the time you devote to it!! A truly amazing filling!

Burgers for the barbecue

By zafiris, 31.08.13

I have this recipe from a lady that has a canteen where they make these tasty burgers.

Burgers from Syros

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Soft burgers in the oven. 

Burgers stifado

By linaki_gr, 09.10.16

This is a recipe from my mother in law who is from Macedonia. We, from Epirus, didn't even know this tasty dish for burgers stifado (Greek traditional stew with baby shallot onions) existed!!

Burgers with carrot and kefalotyri

By christmast, 08.03.13

Tasty, fragrant burgers.

Dolmadakia with lettuce

By κριστινα-κι, 27.01.11

Delicious dolmadakia (Greek stuffed leaves) with lettuce. Easy and tasty! 

Fluffy beef patties in the oven

By πατσιλινάκου, 24.04.08

The tastiest and most fluffy beef patties that I have ever made!

Fluffy meatballs

By Phoebe, 04.05.10

After many tries, I've finally developed a recipe that is a family-pleaser!

Fylla (grape leaves)

By yummyyy, 10.09.08

My mother-in-law's recipe for the most perfect dolma with minced meat that I have ever tasted!!! It is a variation of the traditional dish "fylla" that they make in Kalymnos.

Gigantes with sausage and leeks

By jennyd, 17.04.10

Gigantes (giant beans), an amazing dish!!! This is a way for those like me, who don't really like pulses. This is a recipe that I once saw in a tv show and since then, I've been making it all the time...

Giouvarlakia (rice meatballs)

By τσιγαρο, 31.12.06

Easy, delicious, a treasure of the Greek cuisine.

Giouvarlakia (without eggs)

By mele, 26.01.10

Giouvarlakia (rice meatballs) by my grandmother, without any eggs or egg and lemon sauce. They are extremely tasty and easy!

Giouvarlakia in tomato sauce with avgolemono

By VASPOP, 14.01.12

The classic recipe for giouvarlakia (rice meatballs) in egg-lemon sauce with tomato sauce as well. An interesting and original taste. The combination might look bizzare to you but give it a try, you will love it. 

Giouvarlakia with egg and lemon sauce

By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Giouvarlakia - greek meat dumplings in an egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono).

Giouvarlakia with tomato sauce

By KΡΙΣΤΑ, 11.10.08

Giouvarlakia (rice meatballs), a very tasty and fulfilling dish! A recipe that has its roots in Asia Minor. 

Giouvetsi with burgers in the Dutch oven

By christmast, 28.07.13

A different way to have your burgers and keep them juicy. A good suggestion for a Sunday meal.

Giouvetsi with ground meat

By ΧΩΡΙΑΤΙΣΣΑ, 21.02.10

A slightly different giouvetsi but extremely delicious.

Greek Stuffed Cabbage Leaves (Lahanodolmades)

By golfo, 22.10.09

A simple traditional dish

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