A special vasilopita


A recipe for the traditional Greek New Year's cake!

Amazing lemonade by Anna Maria Barouh

By pinalaki, 25.05.12

This is the most delicious lemonade I have ever tasted!!

Apple - cinnamon tea with apple juice

By Ναυσικά, 24.10.08

A good friend of mine used to make this during the cold winter nights to keep me company while studying hard. It is enjoyed also by those who don't prefer tea and chamomile because it has a different taste.

Apple compote

By Sitronella, 09.11.05

Light, quick and refreshing.

Apple liqueur

By Phoebe, 21.10.09

A special liqueur for special evenings! 

Apricot compote

By mitsaki, 26.05.09

So that you can make this much loved apricot compote on your own.

Apricot jam 2

By stellasirios, 09.09.09

My kids love it, I hope you will too. 

Apricot liqueur

By Sitronella, 27.06.06

There are so many recipes using apricots. Instead of letting their kernels go to waste, keep them to make a nice liqueur. 

Arugula salad with pomegranate and spinach

By kyriaki, 19.02.06

A very refreshing salad that everyone will just love!

Aunt Maro's tiganites

By spesy28, 05.04.09

Tiganites are traditional Greek pancakes. This recipe basically makes loukoumades (traditional Greek honey dumplings) but in the island of Chios we call them tiganites. They are very fluffy, tasty and quick. This is a recipe of my beloved aunt Maro.

Baby fig spoon sweet

By Λίλα, 07.05.09

Even though it's a bit troublesome, this is one of the best spoon sweets.

Bergamot spoon sweet

By evdoba, 26.02.08

If you devote a little time and follow the instructions, you will have a delicious, fragrant and beautiful looking bergamot spoon sweet. 

Beverage for a cold

By christmast, 26.09.11

It helps clear nasal congestion and soothes the throat. Drink 1 per day and the results will be immediate!

Biscotti with figs and anise

By Phoebe, 07.09.12

Perfect for all hours of the day, all kinds of weather and all kinds of mood!

Burgers with carrot and kefalotyri

By christmast, 08.03.13

Tasty, fragrant burgers.

Cake with apricots and walnuts

By Phoebe, 23.02.10

A cake without any butter or oil! If you wrap it in cling film and place it in the fridge it keeps for months! 

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