"Married" sardines

By λεμοναδα, 02.05.10

Sardine! An inexpensive fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Anchovies without any regrets

By Sitronella, 14.07.11

I wanted to make fried anchovies while avoiding using a frying pan! I asked for help and ideas in the forum and their advice led to the desired result: the kids ate all their anchovies, they liked it, it was like fried and I got to avoid frying in the heat.

The recipe is very simple, but I add it here for anyone who has the same question that I did.

Aunt Poppy's savoro (sour fish)

By roulaan, 08.04.08

Horse mackerel or large boops boops that remind me of summer...

Cod "à la polita"

By grandchef, 27.08.09

This is an easy and quick recipe for cod cooked "à la polita" (a kind of stew coming from the Greeks living in Constantinople -Istanbul- that was called "Poli", the City), with a white sauce.

Cod fillet with wine, honey, mustard and thyme

By EarthquakeRita, 19.07.12

Mmmmm, the whole house smells great! Cod fillets in the oven with vegetables, baked in wine without any water!

Cod fish from Lefkada

By souel, 19.09.09

An easy, extremely tasty, healthy and traditional dish that comes from the island of Lefkada.

Cod fish in batter

By Elefteria, 23.03.08

Cod fish in batter, either whole or in patties. The best choice for children since it has no bones. 

Cod in the oven with rice and herbs!

By Ναυσικά, 06.12.08

Another way to cook cod! 

Cod with mountain wild greens

By Sisopigis, 07.03.08

This is a traditional recipe from Arcadia the way my mother used to make it.

Extremely delicious perch

By LAURITA, 16.07.08

A lemony and tasty recipe for fish fillets (perch in this case).

Fish a la Spetsiota

By mitsaki, 15.12.08

Fish a la Spetsiota (the way they make it in the island of Spetses), an extremely delicious, healthy, classic, an amazing recipe!

Fish Bianco, Corfiot!

By sidarieva, 01.12.07

Traditional dish from Corfu, fish in white sauce. An alternate suggestion for cooking fish!

Fish in greaseproof paper with ouzo

By maroulaki, 05.03.09

A different way of baking fish for a more spicy flavor.

Fish in the oven Greek style

By pinalaki, 26.02.11

Fish in the oven with vegetables that gets very tender. You can use the fish fillet that you like and of course the fish that you prefer... It's a cheap and simple recipe, since more or less everybody has onions and tomatoes at home (if you don't  have fresh there could be some in the freezer).

Fish plaki

By Sitronella, 15.11.05

A recipe for fish plaki (fish in the oven with vegetables) that is very easy to make.

Fish soup

By Sitronella, 14.12.07

A fish soup with vegetables and rice. Of course, you can make any variation you like. 

Fish soup (Northern Greece)

By Νίνα, 15.12.07

A classic fish soup from Northern Greece.

Fish with vegetables

By femcook, 24.09.11

A very light but extremely tasty recipe for fish with vegetables.

Fragrant anchovies in the oven

By evmorfia, 27.08.09

The tastiness of this recipe for anchovies (gavros) lies in its simplicity. A delicious dish full of aroma and health!

Fragrant sardines in the oven

By mitsaki, 23.10.08

A very easy, very tasty, beneficial, healthy recipe!!!

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