Amazing lemonade by Anna Maria Barouh

By pinalaki, 25.05.12

This is the most delicious lemonade I have ever tasted!!

Apple - cinnamon tea with apple juice

By Ναυσικά, 24.10.08

A good friend of mine used to make this during the cold winter nights to keep me company while studying hard. It is enjoyed also by those who don't prefer tea and chamomile because it has a different taste.

Apple liqueur

By Phoebe, 21.10.09

A special liqueur for special evenings! 

Apricot liqueur

By Sitronella, 27.06.06

There are so many recipes using apricots. Instead of letting their kernels go to waste, keep them to make a nice liqueur. 

Beverage for a cold

By christmast, 26.09.11

It helps clear nasal congestion and soothes the throat. Drink 1 per day and the results will be immediate!

Beverage for a sore throat

By kamelia8, 10.03.15

A recipe for when you have a sore throat and you are looking for some relief, this is a home remedy in many areas of Greece. Try it and get better!

Cherry liqueur

By MAGEIRISSA, 31.07.08

Cherry all year round. You can have this as a drink but also eat the fruit. 

Christmas beverage

By Raindrop, 14.12.11

Alcohol free, with sour cherry juice and a variety of spices that make a delicious beverage for Christmas, for young and old!

Clove tea

By SpyrusTheVirus, 03.08.10

Unbeatable aroma!

Cold greek coffee

By maria86c, 07.06.11

My own attempt for cold greek coffee at home! (Ok, it takes some effort...) 

Enjoyable frappé coffee

By Phoebe, 01.08.15

Fredoccinos, Frappuccinos, Freddo Cappuccinos and all the other "ccinos" are fine but let's not forget the Greek frappé coffee, also called "frapedia" or "frapogalo"! 

Greek coffee

By thanos serres, 27.04.12

Some people drink it in the morning... some, in the afternoon.... and some in the evening, when relaxing.... Greek coffee is a "sweet" daily habit that stimulates and "wakes up" our nervous system!!! So, let's go for coffee, then!!!

Homemade orange liqueur


An easy homemade recipe for orange liqueur.

Homemade pomegranate liqueur

By MAGEIRISSA, 02.01.08

Shiny, totally red and Christmassy with a fine taste, worth trying.

Hot beverage for a cold

By bouka_tsoukaliou, 21.10.08

A hot beverage for the cold winter days and perhaps for when you catch a cold. 

Hot wine with spices

By Sitronella, 14.12.06

It is served piping hot on cold winter days.


By Sitronella, 01.01.05

What better than a fresh, refreshing lemonade in the heat of the summer?

Light beverage with cocoa powder and Greek coffee

By ace, 12.12.13

A hot, delicious beverage. 

Liqueur from bay leaves

By evadi, 09.09.11

For those who love the discreet flavor of bay leaves. An amazing liqueur, mine still needs a little time to be ready, but we have already tried it. The recipe is from the show of  V. Kallidis. 

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