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Agrelia (wild asparagus) with eggs

By Τράγα, 06.03.10

In Cyprus, we call the wild asparagus, agrelia! An amazing meze! The hard part of the recipe is foraging for them!!

Amazing lemonade by Anna Maria Barouh

By pinalaki, 25.05.12

This is the most delicious lemonade I have ever tasted!!

Amazing loukoumades

By Phoebe, 02.12.13

Loukoumades (traditional Greek honey dumplings) that you can have hot with fragrant honey, cinnamon and walnuts! 

Amazing pork tigania with multi-colored peppers

By ΣΙΛΒΥ, 26.05.12

This recipe for pork tigania (pan-fried pork) results in a dish with very tender meat and a unique sauce!

I dedicate this recipe to my beloved Christina and Dimitra!!!


By glikoula, 18.03.12

Amigdalota are no bake almond cookies.

Amigdalota from Mytilene

By ταξιαρχουλα, 09.11.08

Amigdalota are no bake almond cookies. We make this sweet here in Mytilene, for engagements. The bride takes them to the bridegroom and they offer them to the people so that the news spread. 

Anchovies without any regrets

By Sitronella, 14.07.11

I wanted to make fried anchovies while avoiding using a frying pan! I asked for help and ideas in the forum and their advice led to the desired result: the kids ate all their anchovies, they liked it, it was like fried and I got to avoid frying in the heat.

The recipe is very simple, but I add it here for anyone who has the same question that I did.

Apple - cinnamon tea with apple juice

By Ναυσικά, 24.10.08

A good friend of mine used to make this during the cold winter nights to keep me company while studying hard. It is enjoyed also by those who don't prefer tea and chamomile because it has a different taste.

Apple compote

By Sitronella, 09.11.05

Light, quick and refreshing.

Apple jam

By Sitronella, 01.10.06

An amazingly tasty jam, without great difficulty since apples contain a lot of pectin.

Apple liqueur

By Phoebe, 21.10.09

A special liqueur for special evenings! 

Apricot compote

By mitsaki, 26.05.09

So that you can make this much loved apricot compote on your own.

Apricot jam 2

By stellasirios, 09.09.09

My kids love it, I hope you will too. 

Apricot liqueur

By Sitronella, 27.06.06

There are so many recipes using apricots. Instead of letting their kernels go to waste, keep them to make a nice liqueur. 

Aromatic orange-cinnamon koulourakia

By mitsaki, 28.11.08

Very aromatic cookies (koulourakia) with the amazing combination of orange and cinnamon. They are very healthy since they contain olive oil, no eggs and have all the benefits of the orange, sesame seeds and cinnamon... Try them out...

Artichokes with peas


A delicious oil-based dish!

Arugula salad with pomegranate and spinach

By kyriaki, 19.02.06

A very refreshing salad that everyone will just love!

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