Amazing Armenoville ice cream

By ellidiam, 09.04.12

This is a variation of the recipe by Argiro for Armenoville ice cream. Armenoville is a kind of Greek version of semifreddo very popular in the North of Greece and especially in Thessaloniki. A very easy and delicious ice cream!! 

Cariocas with vanilla

By ΛαδοΜπούκι, 18.11.08

The original recipe with vanilla and crumbled sponge cake...

Chestnut cake

By lenale, 13.10.09

Chocolate bars with tahini and honey

By kitrinos, 21.03.10

The recipe is from Parliaros' show «Γλυκές αλχημείες» aired on 20-3-10. Very easy to make, suitable for Lent and not only!

Chocolate kourabiedes

By aliki_ma, 12.01.11

Kourabiedes (traditional Christmas butter cookies) that are different from all the rest, ones that there's not a kid (and not only) around who won't love them. And a detail: you won't have to worry that they will choke on the icing sugar or that they mess up the house. My son brought me this recipe when he was in kindergarten and they mad...

Chocolate nests with syrup

By elenikolas, 19.01.09

Nests with filo pastry and ganache.

Chocolate salami with an ice cream heart

By Μυρτω, 22.05.09

The very familiar dessert with a bit of a twist.

Chocolate salami with vasilopita leftovers

By ggr, 04.01.12

The vasilopita has fulfilled its purpose. It gathered everyone around the table (after all this much food, not even a drill seargeant could accomplish that feat faster and more efficiently), it reminded us that we share with "Christ" and with the poor, it brought to mind how to easily divide one circle into 9 parts (that is how many we ar...

Chocolate tart with leftover kourabiedes

By katenick, 10.01.11

I got tired of eating kourabiedes (traditional greek butter cookies) so I decided to turn them into a very tasty dessert.

Coconut macaroons with couverture chocolate

By Tania, 05.09.08

A very easy recipe for no-bake coconut macaroons or as they are known in Greece, indokarida. A quick and great looking treat!


Cookies with tahini and honey

By kitrinos, 10.10.08

These cookies are very tasty and nutritious, without any eggs or butter.

Double chocolate granita

By zafirenia, 17.06.10

For those who love chocolate ice cream and want few calories.

Easy cake with biscuits

By alchemist, 05.11.08

A dessert that is extremely tasty and very easy to make... every time my mom makes it I finish it by myself!!!!

Fig jam with cocoa powder and roasted almonds

By ggr, 22.06.10

Many thanks to stellapanos because I used tips from her recipe in this one.


Floreal pudding

By ΕΥΗ ΚΟΥΚ, 02.09.08

A quick chocolate pudding for young and old.

Fridge dessert with biscuits by Elenik

By elenik, 25.04.10

An easy and quick fridge dessert with biscuits and milk. You can keep it in your fridge. Kids like it a lot because it has a lot of milk.

Karidopita with pudding and chocolate glaze

By Maribi, 20.12.13

This is one of the best sweets that I have ever tasted! I couldn't stop drooling while I was making it!

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