By Sitronella, 23.02.06

Tasty, hot bread from your own hands and without much trouble.

Bread without kneading in a Dutch oven

By evdoba, 27.05.10

This is a recipe for making bread without any kneading, in a Dutch oven. An amazing loaf without getting your hands dirty in the least!!

Cheese bread, super easy and tasty

By kokinomala, 06.12.10

A delicious and fulfilling cheesebread that constitutes an ideal solution for a fast dinner.

Christopsomo full of flavors!

By tastes to dream, 24.12.10

It is customary to make christopsomo (Greek Christmas decorative bread, the so called "bread of Christ") a couple of days before Christmas. The top is decorated with a cross, shelled walnuts, almonds, decorative patterns made by dough and shaped into leaves, birds, flowers. The head of the house cuts it on Christmas Day after he crosses i...

Christopsomo, loaf

By fly, 24.12.09

Christopsomo (Greek Christmas bread, the so called "bread of Christ") the decorative bread for the Christmas dinner, with it's crust flavored with star anise. 

Cornbread, short

By _Ratatouille_, 12.12.11

A truly traditional bread from Epirus, with white corn flour!!! (The white flour from corn is milled in watermills). 

Easter cheese bread

By Ginger, 24.04.08

A recipe from Konstantina Athanasiou.

Easter Ring Bread (kouloura)

By NTINA, 12.04.08

A traditional easter ring bread (kouloura lambriatiki).

Easy and fast raisin bread

By aevdokia, 10.04.09

Very easy to make, very hard to fail! This raisin bread is something between a sweet bread and a raisin cake!


By katerina78, 21.11.12

Tasty, easy, biscuity and quick eliopsomakia (mini olive breads)!!!

Fluffy and quick koulouria from Thesaloniki

By Μπαχαρούλης, 24.05.11

Easy, fluffy, quick, tasty koulouria (sesame bread rings, like bagels)!!!

Fragrant eliopsomo

By NtinaKom, 17.12.07

An easy eliopsomo (olive bread) homemade by you for all hours of the day.

Homemade sourdough starter

By litsa d, 28.02.10

Country style sourdough starter, as the grandmothers used to make for bread and not only!

Koulouria from Thessaloniki with cheese

By Bya, 24.09.11

Koulouria or simitia are traditional bread rings, usually associated with Thessaloniki. This recipe is for koulouria that are stuffed with cheese.


By Sitronella, 07.03.06

Lagana is a traditional bread that we eat on Clean Monday (Kathara Deftera) which is the first day of Greek Lent. It is flat and topped with sesame seeds. 

Lagana 2

By Sol81, 16.02.10

I have been looking for a lagana recipe (lagana is a traditional flat bread with sesame seeds, made for Clean Monday) that doesn't require leaving it to rise overnight and I came across this recipe.

Lagana 3

By chiotissa, 13.03.13

A lagana (traditional flat bread with sesame seeds made especially for Clean Monday) that is very easy to make and is like store bought.

Lagana with olives and rosemary

By thomaei, 19.03.13

An amazing lagana (Greek traditional flat bread with sesame seeds made for Clean Monday) with olives and rosemary!

Lagana, very easy

By karavour, 07.03.11

You can make this lagana (flat traditional bread with sesame seeds that we eat on Clean Monday which is the first day of Greek Lent) in record time, especially if you have a bread machine or a stand mixer with the special hook. I can't say that it is exactly the same as that from the bakery but it is close enough....

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