Bean soup from Pelion

By ΒΑΡΒΙ, 15.01.09

This is what we call bean soup!!!

Bean soup in a clay cooking pot

By feggaraki, 30.06.09

Even though bean soup is not my favourite dish, I have to admit that this is extremely delicious. I have tried it in a village near Serres. 

Beans in the oven with peppers and olives

By bizi, 06.02.08

A very delicious dish... Even those who don't particularly enjoy dried beans like it...

Beans Piazi

By ΒΑΡΒΙ, 11.02.09

A salad that is always served on Clean Monday.

Beans with pickled cabbage

By tatianakie, 17.12.11

I consider this to be a pure Evros dish or at least one from Eastern Thrace. Pickled cabbage is a classic dish in winter and during Christmas in our villages. You will either love or dislike it!! We love it and there's not even one small bean left by the end of the day! It is simple, hearty and nutritional!! You can have it hot or cold!

Beef with chickpeas

By αντζουγια, 24.02.10

You will never believe how much beef and chickpeas go great together!! And with such simple ingredients!

Black-eyed peas salad

By marykyr, 25.10.09

Easy and refreshing salad for a side dish or a meze for ouzo!

Black-eyed peas with wild greens

By Ναυσικά, 13.04.09

Black-eyed peas with various wild greens. A healthy, vegan and Lenten dish.

Chickpeas in flour and lemon sauce

By mitsaki, 16.01.09

Chickpea white soup with lemon...

Chickpeas in the Dutch oven with eggplants


My husband's favorite recipe and because of it we NEVER have chickpea soup as I like it!!!

Chickpeas velouté

By pinalaki, 03.04.12

For those who like chickpeas!! A simple velouté soup with chickpeas, leek and potatoes. A small variation that you will love!!! 

Chickpeas with country sausage

By Σίντυ30, 19.02.09

Amazing taste and flavor!! We just love chickpeas cooked like that. Make the recipe and you will remember me...

Chickpeas with spinach

By Phoebe, 04.07.12

I usually don't discard the water that pulses boil in because if you do, you lose part of their nutrients such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Country style fasolada

By tasa.x, 30.01.13

You don't have to soak the beans overnight for this fasolada (bean soup). So that makes it a very quick recipe to make.

Crispy roasted chickpeas

By λεμοναδα, 02.12.11

A playful way for everyone to eat pulses!

Different fava

By mitsaki, 06.12.08

If you have leftover cooked fava (yellow split peas) and you want to repurpose it or if you want a different fava recipe, try this one...

Different way of making lentils!

By Dania S, 13.12.11

Lentils with orzo, rice-like and amazing! Delicious, healthy for young and old!


By Sitronella, 01.01.05

Fava (yellow split peas) is very tasty. It has the texture of cream (or purée) and it is usually served as an appetizer or meze for ouzo as well as a main course.

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