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Do you like Greek food? Have you visited Greece and miss the Moussaka and the Pastitsio you had? Have you searched for the authentic Greek recipes but you are not satisfied with the results? Search no further! You can't get more authentic than us!

In we are continuously translating the most delicious traditional Greek recipes and lots of more modern ones that use the excellent products of Greece.


But where do we get these recipes? How do we know they are truly the recipes Greek people use right now in their homes? And how are we sure that they are delicious? Easy! They are all recipes from our Greek cooking website, is the biggest cooking community in Greece. It was founded in 2004 and since then more and more food enthusiasts from Greece share their favorite recipes through the site. Everyone can add their favorite recipe and all who try them share their opinion, rate the recipes and upload photos of the dishes.

This is how we know! These are all recipes uploaded by Greeks and tested by Greeks. We select the most popular recipes from our Greek website and translate them so that you too can enjoy them! If Greeks are crazy about them, so will you! We also include recipes that use some of Greece's most traditional and healthy products or very traditional recipes that our grandmothers used to make, so that you will have the chance to really know the Greek cuisine.

When you go to a recipe in our website you will see the votes, comments and photos that it has, but along with that you get to see how many votes it has οn the Greek website and you will see all the photos that those users have uploaded. This way you know that it has been tested by many Greeks and you can see how the dish is supposed to look.
So, don't wait! Visit our recipes and learn how to Cook Like Greeks, from the experts! The Greek mothers and grandmothers!

P.S. This is an ongoing process, so if there is a recipe that you would like translated, don't hesitate to contact us and ask! 

P.S.2 We know that many of the ingredients will be hard to find where you live. We have tried to help, by providing a list of online shops where you could find these ingredients.


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