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Fragrant anchovies in the oven
By evmorfia

The tastiness of this recipe for anchovies (gavros) lies in its simplicity. A delicious dish full of aroma and health!...

Eggplant pie by Roula
By lixoudia

Roula is the neighbour that we all would love to have: every time she cooks the whole place just smells great and also, she brings me a portion! I have a lot of her recipes but this eggplant pie (melitzanopita) is the one that I love the most because it makes a very tasty and sweet pie....

Cod fish from Lefkada
By souel

An easy, extremely tasty, healthy and traditional dish that comes from the island of Lefkada....

Traditional kanelada
By lianaki

This is a recipe for kanelada (cinnamon drink) that is very easy to make and tastes much better than the store-bought version....

Zucchini fritters with feta cheese
By maria_naousa

A delicious summer side dish....

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