Make Kourabiedes for Christmas

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Rodoula's chicken soup
By annitanguera

A rich chicken soup with vegetables, tomato and pasta by Rodoula, my mom!...

Raisin rolls by Golfo
By golfo

These are simply amazing! Try them and you will enjoy them for sure!! ...

Vegetable stock (cubes)
By Sitronella

Prepare this vegetable stock, freeze it in cubes and store in the freezer. This way you will be able to make soups, tasty sauces, pasta, etc. quickly and easily....

Orange cake
By interliza

Easy, simple and very tasty....

Easy tomato sauce
By Evid217

An amazing pasta sauce, a recipe of my father, which we absolutely love. If there is any left over you can add it to any dish that you use with tomato sauce. It is also goes amazingly with fried eggplants....

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